Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oren Village offers beautifully detailed medieval dolls

A couple of weeks ago I received a sale flyer from The Doll Market and was excited to see that the beautifully detailed dolls from Oren Village were offered for only $29 each (They normally retail for $120 each). These beautiful little dolls are dressed in detailed clothing from the Middle Ages and are presented in a display box that resembles a large leather-bound book that reminds me of Frodo's "A Hobbit's Tale". Naturally, I could not resist and ordered both Aidan and Lilly!

Welcome to Oren Village - About Us: "Oren Village is a collectible doll company featuring dolls and accessories based on an enchanting medieval story. A new book will be released each year, and with it a new line of dolls. Each doll is limited in production to the year it is featured as a character in the story. Two specific lines of dolls are offered, the Collector's Series and the Travel Dolls.

The Collector's Series offers a product specifically designed with the collector in mind. Ranging in height from 10' to 12', these finely handcrafted dolls feature beautiful outfits, an identification medallion, saddle stand and unique accessories. In addition, each will come with a CD featuring a beautiful song from the book. All of this is wrapped up in a package as unique as the product itself - a book box bound with the look and feel of real leather, uniquely printed with gold lettering to identify the specific doll that is entrusted with. The book box is conveniently stored just like a book on a bookshelf, and will make for a fantastic collection.

The Travel Dolls offer a product designed to meet the increasingly popular demand for smaller, portable dolls. These 6.25' - 8' dolls are smaller replicas of the larger Collector Series dolls, and are made with the same dedication to quality and detail. They each come with a handy travel journal to document the exciting destinations to come, all packaged in an adorable leather like trunk."
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