Monday, November 20, 2006

Ignite offers Julius Caesar and Roman Vexallarius

I noticed in my recent newsletter from Michigan Toy Soldier that they were offering all in-stock Ignite figures for 30% off so I hurried to their website to see which Ignite figures they had in stock. Since they were all listed, I called the store and discovered that I was able to order Julius Caesar, a Roman Vexillarius, a Norman (Viking) warrior and a Teutonic Knight. I was hoping to snag a Greek hoplite but alas, I was too late for that.

They arrived the other day and I was quite pleased with all but the Julius Caesar figure. He was dressed in a white cuirass with white trim and caligae (sandals) and most puzzling of all he had a smooth conical helmet with white wings??? I think I will email Ignite and see if I can get a standard Roman officer's helmet for him.

I was particularly pleased with the detail of the Roman Vexallarius. I only wish his wolf skin had been faux fur instead of soft vinyl.
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