Monday, January 15, 2007

Liberty of London produced exquisitely detailed dolls

I was up on Ebay this morning and came across an outstanding example of the Liberty of London dolls produced from the 1930s to the 1960s. These hand-crafted cloth dolls, along with accessories, depict the history of Great Britain from the caveman through Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

"The dolls consist of history-making men and women, including royalty, political reformers, military notables, innovators in the arts, and contributors to natural and physical sciences. These hand-painted soft sculptured dolls are costumed in authentic period clothing.

The dolls were hand-sewn by two sisters, Ada and Kathleen Peat, from their Brighton, England home for the Liberty of London department store." I was surprised to see in my internet search that Liberty of London is still in business and serves upscale clients with a high fashion line of clothing and accessories.

This particular doll of Queen Elizabeth was apparently purchased in England and kept nearly pristine over the years by a loving collector. Even the deep vermilion of her dress has not lost its luxurious color over the years. I bid on her but she apparently has a hefty reserve.

The only Liberty of London dolls I presently have in my collection are King George and Queen Margaret both a bit faded I'm afraid.
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