Monday, April 09, 2007

Teddy Bear Maker Turns to Biblical Character Dolls

I see a manufacturer of Teddy Bears has opened a new division that is producing multimedia Biblical character dolls that include over 60 seconds of recorded Bible verses. Initially introducing a talking Jesus doll, the company, one2believe, now includes Peter, Paul, David, Moses and Mary.

The 12" dolls have 18 points of articulation including hands that can grasp and hold. Their cloth outfits are hand sewn and some come with additional accessories like David's slingshot. The dolls sell for $19.95 each with free shipping for orders over $100.

The company's vision:

"Messengers of Faith dolls are designed to help parents and educators teach children important Bible stories. These dolls are a 3D teaching resource, featuring recorded Scriptures at the push of a button.
By introducing Bible characters and their stories to children" one character at a time," children can begin to grasp an overall view of Scripture.

Messengers of Faith dolls can be used to help children:

a. Learn Bible stories.
b. Understand Biblical survey and the chronological history of the Bible.
c. Learn the cultural background surrounding the Bible characters and their stories.

The costuming of each doll has been researched to reflect fashions typical of the time period in which the Bible character lived.
Discussing the costume on each doll will add to children's understanding of Biblical culture and history.
Provided with each doll is an easy to read story detailing the life and accomplishments of that character, along with the "script" of the featured recorded Scripture."

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