Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"300" sparks new figure releases.

I received an alert from Ebay today about this fantastic OOAK doll of Gerard Butler as King Leonidas as he appeared in the newly released film "300". This California doll artist, using the name Viktoryia, has produced a truly remarkable repaint of an original long-haired Ken doll. She states in her auction description:

"All my dolls are limited to one edition WORLDWIDE.The costume is very time consuming and detailed, as the pictures show. The doll got the full facial repaint and body shades.

You can see the picture of the original Ken. He's got full repaint, his hair was died black, braided, then he's got a haircut (Greek style). I applied black hair to create a beard and mustache. He has a braid on the back, the mouth was resculpted. He also has a braided hair band around his head. I sculpted and painted his breasts then shaded his body.

There were used combinations of materials to create the Greek warrior-king such as genuine leather, foam, aluminum, wood, plastic, stone, hair, fabric. His boots (leather), his hand bands (leather+aluminum), pants (leather), scabbard (leather) are hand sewed.

King Leonidas comes with a spear (plastic+aliminum), a shield (composition), a helmet which I carved using a combination of materials (foam, aliminum and plastic), a sword with a scabbard. The sword was cut to look as a miniature replica of the sword from the movie."

As a one-of-a-kind, however, he is bringing a hefty price. As of today the bid is $399 plus shipping. The doll artist's Ebay ID is divine-dolls-creation.

I see Ignite Figures is also preparing to release two Spartan figures, Leonidas and a Spartan Hoplite. Ignite Figures retail for $79.99. I see they also have Roman Murmillo and Retiarius gladiators on their prerelease list as well.