Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Barbie Gold Label Women of Royalty Series now on sale!

For a long time I have admired the Women of Royalty porcelain doll series that Mattel began last year. Although the original retail price was $249 and not totally out of reach, I hesitate to spend over $200 on a doll unless it is an exceptional OOAK (one of a kind) or a genuine antique.

I was quite thrilled, then, when I won Mattel's Queen Elizabeth I this week on Ebay with a bid of only $176. I received her last night and to my surprise, the shipment included a catalogue that informed me both Queen Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette were on sale directly from Mattel for only $174.90. I find this interesting since sellers on Ebay are trying to capitalize on this sale by still setting prices of as much as $300. I noticed the same thing happened when Mattel discontinued their American Girl "Dolls of Many Lands" series and advertised them for half price. Fortunately, before I bid on a set of them on Ebay I went out on the web and researched their value. I checked Mattel's own site and found them on sale for half price which was substantially less than they were selling for on Ebay so I bought my set directly from Mattel.

So, today, I visited the official Barbie Collectors site and purchased Marie Antoinette at the current sale price.
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