Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Clea Bella Theater Fashion Doll in Lazy Lilac

Clea Bella Theater Fashion Doll in Lazy Lilac: I was researching doll artist Barbara Beccio and stumbled across this website about a line of dolls produced by a consortium of fashion designers. They offer several historical era dolls including this model dressed in a circa 1850s gown.

"Lazy Lilac - Part of the West End Ensemble Group's production of Summer in Kent - a circa 1850's romance epic play.

Limited Edition Size: 100 / $165

"Clea returns home to a wonderful surprise. Her good friend Dee Dee is flying in for the weekend. Clea meets her at the L.A.X. airport baggage claim. It’s instant giggles and hugs. As the two swap details of their latest adventures Clea can tell that Dee Dee is keeping a secret. Dee Dee grins, enjoying the game, when she suddenly realizes that an hour has past and her luggage hasn’t arrived yet.

"Oh my God, they lost it!" Dee Dee exclaims.

"Lost what?” Clea asks, but Dee Dee won’t tell.

After being transferred from one manager to the next, Dee Dee gets the bad news: her luggage never left Seattle. Clea grabs her arm and exclaims Road Trip!

They take three lazy days driving up the coast, shopping for what they need as they go. At last, the girls make it to Seattle and Clea opens Dee Dee’s big lavender box right there at the airport. It’s Dee Dee’s latest costume design: an early Victorian hoop dress and a script titled Summer in Kent.

Clea screams. "You got your play produced!"

Dee Dee casually nods her head then tells Clea the best part of the news: "It's debuting in London!"

Photo shows original prototype using Daisy Kindom� fabric for outer skirt. Final production fabric will be designed by Christina 'Bogie' Bougas. It will be similiar in color and style. Flower and border design will differ. (Due to the complexity of this project, Clea Bella will only be producing enough dolls to fill pre-orders recieved prior to final production approval.)"
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