Friday, July 13, 2007

Actress Jane Seymour Produces Elizabethan doll of English Namesake

Several years ago I read an article about actress Jane Seymour's passion for dolls and the line of dolls designed by Robert Tonner she now offers for sale on her website and through quality retailers. These wonderfully delicate porcelain dolls, released in a limited edition of 500 pieces, resemble Jane in historical fashions she has worn in her various film roles.
The collection is based on four themes from Jane Seymour's home, St. Catherine's Court in England, and her most notable characters. Based on this primary theme, the four selections are inspired by Elizabethan, Victorian, Edwardian and 1950's roles brought to life by Jane Seymour. The four 14" porcelain dolls feature lavish fabrics, including stunning silks, velvet, and lace; and hand details are evident in the face painting and costume beading. Even Jane Seymour's signature eye-coloring is captured (one is hazel, the other is green!).- Jane Seymour Official Website.

I thought the dolls were beautiful but, at a retail price of $250 considered them out of my price range at the time. However, several years later I was excited to see that The Doll Market had them on sale for a fraction of their original price. I was able to order Jane in Elizabethan costume and Jane in a fashion gown of the 1950s. I would have loved to have had her in her Victorian gown and Edwardian gown as well but those were not available. However, I feel fortunate to have been able to add at least two of these beautiful dolls to my collection.
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