Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shining Knight and Fair Maiden Added to Collection

Today, I won the bid on a couple of interesting antique medieval character dolls on Ebay. The knight, standing 8 1/2" tall has a suit of armor constructed of metallic fabric. His face is painted on fabric stretched over what the vendor believes to be a papier mache form and was reportedly produced in England.

His companion, a nicely detailed maiden in medieval costume carefully stitched of felt with beaded accessories is 8 1/4" tall. She too has a nicely detailed face painted on fabric over a form also believed to be papier mache.

Although the vendors says they were produced in England, their facial style reminds me of the Russian porcelain dolls I have purchased from Russian Dolls of St. Petersburg. I was surprised that no one bid against me as I found the dolls well made and a nice example of craft art. I also appreciate the fact that they are small and won't take up a lot of display space.
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