Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holidays Brings New Additions To My Historical Doll and Figure Collection

Whoa, I can hardly believe six months has gone by and I haven't posted any news. My own collecting has continued but at a much slower pace than it once did. I still bid once in a while but quite honestly I'm out of display space and hate to collect something that just will be packed away.

Although I must admit to splurging over the holidays. The Doll Market didn't let me down - great buys on Robert Tonner dolls from his Gone With The Wind Collection - Melanie complete in her blue gown and a Scarlett basic along with the trip to Saratoga outfit (they were just too beautiful to pass up). I plan to display them with my General William Tecumseh Sherman figure from Sideshow Collectibles Brothers in Arms Collection. Is that a little too ironic? I'll get a display case for them but I promise I won't put a flaming Atlanta in the background.

I need to get an Ashley Wilkes but need to decide which company's version I would like. I actually like the facial features of the Ashley Wilkes that was released by World Dolls. I have a Mammie doll from that company. They are well made and actually sell for less than other companys' GWTW offerings. I wish his uniform was more gray than blue though.

I have a Timeless Treasures Scarlett in her barbecue gown and Rhett Butler displayed in one of my other rooms. They were a special release by Mattel and looked like Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable rather than the typical Ken and Barbie. I also left them in their original display boxes because they had nice background images. The only problem with displaying dolls in their boxes is that they take up more space that way.

I also bought a limited edition collectible Barbie dressed like a pirate. It is somewhat historical since there were women pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read. However, I must be honest and admit that the pirate outfit looks more like it came from the closet of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean). In fact, as a display mate I also bought a Jack Sparrow figure from Sideshow Collectibles. I can round out my display (they say you should always create art in odd numbers) with my figure of Blackbeard that I bought from Sideshow Collectibles a number of years ago.

Michigan Toy Soldier also had a great half-price sale so I bought Ignite's Napoleon Bonaparte to go with my Barbie porcelain collectible Josephine. This was a special figure produced jointly between Andrea Miniatures and Ignite Figures.

"This figure is an accurate depiction in 1:6 scale of Napoleon Bonaparte as he was in 1805, the year of the battle of Austerlitz and at the pinnacle of his military glory. He is attired in his favorite uniform of Colonel of Chasseurs Cheval de la Garde Imperiale that was his standard dress while in the field.

The model itself is the result of exhaustive historical research, including the examination of Napoleon's actual uniforms and accoutrements. The body has been precisely designed in accordance with the most reliable reports of the period, closely following Napoleon features and measures to present a unique, fully articulated figure equipped with a full assortment of garments and personal belongings including his sword, telescope, watch and even a favorite snuffbox; thus enabling the collector to present the Emperor in many different poses and attitudes."

There is a wonderful, extensive review of this figure of Napoleon at Captain Toy.

Years ago I had the thrill of attending an exhibit of Napoleon artifacts held at the International Culture Center in Memphis, Tennessee. I even stood inside one of his actual command tents. I couldn't believe how well the items were preserved. Of course I marveled over actual dresses that Josephine wore as well. In fact, it was attending that exhibit that started me on my passion for seeking out special traveling museum exhibits and doing whatever I could to promote the study of history.

This really doesn't sound like I'm cutting back on collecting does it???
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