Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Historical dolls from Klumpe and Rodan worth a look

One of my Ebay alerts sent me a notice about a Klumpe doll dressed as an Edwardian Gentleman coming up for bid. I have never encountered Klumpe dolls in my collecting experience so I was curious about these dolls. I found the following information in a web search.

"Two companies in Barcelona, Spain, made dolls with felt bodies over wire frames. Klumpe, founded in 1952, made dolls until the mid-1970s. Roldan made dolls from the early 1960s until the mid-'70s. The dolls manufactured by both firms represented professionals, dancers, historical characters and people doing daily tasks, such as walking a dog."

I also checked some completed auctions to get an idea of price. Most of the dolls seem to sell in the $25 - $35. The doll I was particularly interested in was a whimsical Roman Musician. However the vendor set a starting bid at $65 which I think is a bit steep considering some small holes in the sandals, leg and wreath. I noticed there was only 8+ hours left and she had no bidders. I think I'll wait this one out and see if she'll consider less if there are no bidders at the end of the auction.
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