Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Zanverdiani dolls of Venice offer historical characters

Another doll that came to my attention was a Marie Antoinette designed by Italian artists for Zanverdiani dolls of Venice. The Ebay vendor said she purchased the doll in Venice about eleven years ago. This ornately costumed doll with a beaded brocade bodice features porcelain head, hands and legs with a soft body and stands 12" tall. The vendor asked a hefty $350 for the doll and I could not find any others on the web to compare it to for price. As my display space is almost nonexistent, I let it pass. I noticed no one else bid with that starting price either. I have a Showstoppers doll costumed in a similar fashion including the beaded brocade gown but paid less than $35 for it (if I remember correctly). I bought her as one of a pair along with a boy in a brocade 18th century costume. I do think the Venetian doll has a sweeter face though.
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