Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cleabella offers 1850s Christmas Caroler Costume for their historical line

Christmas Carol - Historical 15 1/2" Fashion Doll Costume: "The Industrial Revolution of the 1800's made England and France wealthy nations with expanding trade connections and growing empires. By 1850 American cities were growing and this young country became on of the major suppliers of raw materials such as cotton. But Europe also looked to the east for cashmeres, silks and fine woven cottons.

The typical style of the early to mid 1850's was a wide dome shape skirt over a caged crinoline with a separate well fitted bodice. Printed and plaid cotton from the Americas was the most popular fabric choice for day wear. The bodice modestly covered a women's entire chest and either gathered in ruffles or a tailored collar around the neck.

This costume was based on a compilation of historical costumes from England circa 1855. The big dome skirt was very popular in Europe and America during the beginning reign of Queen Victoria."

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