Friday, December 23, 2005

Lady of Finavon Creates Museum Quality Dolls with "Groundbreaking Artistry"

Lady of Finavon: In my unending search for quality historical dolls I came across this website featuring the stunning artistry of Victoria Cairns. With Victoria's early training in fashion design coupled with an inherited talent for modelling and painting, she has produced a collection of figures representing some of the most famous royals of Europe with remarkable detail. Victoria not only personally sculpts the faces and creates the molds, but constructs such delicate accessories as corsets and shoes, reproduces meticulous embroidery on elaborate costumes, and styles the wigs into fantastic coiffures.

"The ruins of Finavon castle in Angus, Scotland tell the story of a turbulent past. Once the stronghold of the Lindsay Earls of Crawford, Thomas the Rhymer - a famed Scottish seer in the 13th century - predicted

'When Finavon castle rins to sand
The end of the world is near at hand'

With an unmatched combination of costuming, modelling and design skills, Victoria Cairns, who is a fellow of the Scottish Society of Antiquities and the present Lady of Finavon, draws on this history to bring kings and queens to life.

After a successful exhibition at the Shambellie Costume Museum of the National Museum of Scotland in 2002, Lady of Finavon dolls can indeed be described as 'museum quality'. With a commitment to accuracy and the flair to bring a historic character to life with each creation, Victoria has been garnering praise for her groundbreaking artistry."

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artman said...

the quality of those dolls are amazing some go for 14/15 thousand us dollars !!