Friday, December 09, 2005

Ultarama. Action Figure Display Systems - Action Figure Display Systems: Since I include historical action figures in my historical doll collection, an article on the Ultrarama action figure display system in my monthly toy directory newsletter caught my eye. Although the system was designed with Star Wars and Star Trek action figure collectors in mind, it could be easily modified to accomodate Papo and Schleich historical action figures as well. The feature that appeals to me the most is the ability to incorporate your own background images. I see that one toy vendor provides web space for enthusiasts to share backgrounds they have developed for their display systems that can be downloaded and printed by other enthusiasts. I like this kind of creative collaboration!

"The Ultarama™ is a complete action figure display system that is both flexible and customizable. With the use of the Ultarama's™ molded plastic platforms that contain 80 pre-molded peg holes and its proprietary pegging system, collectors can display their collections in three totally unique ways: stacked two levels high in the shape of a semicircle, clipped back-to-back in the shape of a circle, or configured as two separate and complete one level displays. With the purchase of additional Ultarama™, collectors can build their display many stories high! The Ultarama™ also includes four unique 8 X 10 background scenes, 48 pegs for 3 3/4' figures, and 24 pegs for 6' figures. The 6' pegs also fit most 4 3/4' figures and most vintage 3 3/4' figures."

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