Monday, December 19, 2005

Esther Brassac's creations feature Handmade lace and carved ivory

I was researching dolls created by a different doll artist and came across these lovely meticulously detailed dolls produced in France by Esther Brassac. Like me, she combines her love of history with a love for figural art and the results are quite spectacular and unique.

"[Esther Brassac's] dolls are one-of-a-kind and carved in box wood, vegetal or synthetic ivory...

My dolls are created with various artistic techniques like marquetry, bobbin laces, embroidery, oil painting... and they requires three months of work.

My favorite subjects are costume history, particularly Middle Age, Renaissance and the eighteenth century, country sculptures, mythology and fairies. I like creating miniature scenes too..."

I could not find any price information about her dolls, only books about doll making. Perhaps they are crafted for museum pieces.

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